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How you felt like everyone else had friends, and you were the only one who didn't?

How to help your pre-teen with friendships The fact that we weren't the only ones who felt alone in the school canteen way back when is still true for your pre-teen today.

This is especially true for girls, and for them it tends to happen earlier.

From around Year 3 in primary, your daughter will start to be aware of who's 'cool' and who's not.

They're trying to work out how they'll be different from us, their parents, by watching teenagers, and figuring out that adolesecence is when you make the big break. Friendships are crucial to separating from parents - they give a child space to be different from their parents, and confidantes from outside their home with whom to share secrets and events.

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The Mumsnet Talk boards are sagging with stories from worried parents who describe seeing previously sunny children eaten up with sadness when things don't work out with friends, or when they feel themselves being edged out of a friendship group.

But the first thing to realise, and to try to get across to your pre-teen, is that at some stage or another every other child feels like this, too.

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The move to a new school is likely to mean your child being split up from not only individual friends they have had for a long time, but from established patterns of friendship, and from knowing how people are likely to behave.

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